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R90-FC-U 4-channel thermocouple data logger


Easy to use and elegant appearance with large LCD display

4-channel to show 4-temperature

MAX/MIN and Year/month/date ;

Lock and unlock with buttons manually

Rechargeable battery and data stored still even battery spent

USB port connect to PC; LogLive supported to finish setup easily

Built-in sound- light alarm function

CE certified

First letter of the instrument name is the sensor type; default is K. (K/J/T/R/S is selectable via software)


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RR90-FC-U 4-channel thermocouple data logger is a helper for environment temperature measurement; compact, portable, accurate and reliable. Enjoy wide temperature range; support K/T/J/R/S different thermocouple and suitable for air/surface/liquid various applications. Widely used for high/low temperature environment, such as ultra-low freezing room, high temperature oven, steel plants etc; This R90-U K series definitely can help you with reliable temperature measurement and data records.

Technical Specifications:

Model R90-EC-U R90-DC-U R90-FC-U        
Single channel Dual-channel Four-channel        
Thermocouple temperature range K-type: -200 to 1370℃(-328 to 2498℉)

R-type: -50 to 1760℃(-122 to 3200℉)

J-type: -200 to 1190℃(-328 to 2174℉)

S-type: -50 to 1760℃(-122 to 3200℉)

T-type: -200 to 390℃(-328 to 734℉)

Accuracy ±0.5 °C (-50 ~ +70 °C)  / ±0.7 %(+70.1 ~ +1000 °C)
 Memory Capacity 65000 readings/channel
Sample rate 1s~24h
Software LogLive, USB driver (included in CD)
Power Supply 5V 2A adapter
Battery Li-ion rechargeable  3.6V/2600mAh
Dimensions 140mm×76mm×28mm
Net Weight 200g


Typical Applications:

R90-U K series is widely applied for high/low temperature measurement; such as workshop, laboratory, pharmacy and food industry, ultra-low refrigeration industry, HACCP control industry, building automation field and various kinds of temperature monitoring environment.