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R90DX-G 2-channel temperature humidity data logger gsm


  • Built-in GSM/GPRS modem
  • SMS alarming up to 5 recipients (User set limits, delay and repeat)
  • Missed call to return current values by SMS
  • Start on button press, time delayed or immediate
  • 65,000 record FIFO memory for backup data
  • High and Low limit settings with visual & audible alarm
  • Power supply by supplied 5VDC mains adapter
  • Battery backup by internal Lithium battery
  • Remotely monitor any number of loggers via the internet
  • View live real-time data in your web browser from any connected device
  • Retrieve historic data in graph or table format with BMP or PDF export
  • Alarm records list with possibility to add Remarks
  • High and Low alarm limit lines on graph
  • Create multiple users and groups for various sites
  • Modify logger settings remotely via web interface
  • CE certified and RF report





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R90DX-G 2-channel temperature humidity data logger gsm can send SMS alarm message once the setting limits being exceeded and users can dial the SIM card number anytime anywhere to get the SMS feedback of knowing the current temperature and humidity values. Besides, R90-G series can upload automatically temp & humidity data to users’ PC through GPRS network and users can check and download remotely with our TronFlux software; LogLive and TronFlux can let users finish the setup of data logger easily; such as log interval setting, alarm limits setting, alarm mobile phone numbers, downloading data for analysis etc and support live web server function. R90 GSM GPRS data loggers definitely can satisfy all your professional requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Relative Humidity Measurement Range 0~100%RH 0~100%RH 0~100%RH
Accuracy(Typ.) ±3%RH ±3%RH ±3%RH
Resolution (Typ.) 0.1%RH 0.1%RH 0.1%RH
Temperature Measurement Range -20~70℃ -40~100℃ -40~100℃
Accuracy(Typ.) ±0.3℃ ±0.3℃ ±0.3℃
Resolution (Typ.) ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃
Sensor Type Internal External 2*External
Memory Capacity 65000 65000 65000
Sample rate 1s~24h
Software LogLive (local) and TronFlux (Mysql and PHP)
Power Supply Built-in rechargeable Li-battery (2600mA) or Adapter (5V 1A)
Dimensions 142mm×77mm×28mm
Net Weight 200g



R90 GSM GPRS temperature humidity data logger is widely applied in pharmaceutical industry, transportation industry, refrigeration filed, agricultural field, warehouse, machine room, museum and laboratory fields etc.