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Remote temperature humidity monitoring via WIFI/GPRS/Internet

WAN Requirements:

  • Your WAN must have a static IP address or you must be able to make use of a DDNS software (Not supplied)
  • A dedicated port must be opened on the router to allow bi-directional traffic
  • The router firewall (if enabled) must allow traffic on the assigned port
  • Port forwarding (or mapping) must be activated to direct traffic to the PC in the LAN where TronFlux/MySQL/PHP will be installed

LAN Requirements:

  • A static IP address or a reserved IP for the PC MAC address must be assigned to the PC where TronFlux/MySQL/PHP is to be installed
  • Firewall and Anti-virus software must be set to allow bi-directional communication on the open port as set in the router
  • Ideally PC should have a secure power supply and be left on with TronFlux running 24/7. Auto restart can be set in case of reboot and all loggers memory data will be automatically downloaded

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How to configure real-time temperature humidity monitoring system

With the increasing needs of Temperature humidity real-time monitoring system in production enterprises, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, HAIRUIS developed R90 wifi and gprs series to help customers’ demands since 2014. R90 wifi/gprs data loggers not only can record and analyze all data, but also can realize the real-time monitoring and operation remotely. Here, we’d like to introduce how to configure real-time monitoring system briefly and let clients have some reference.

  • Firstly, go to your router setting window-Advanced settings-Network parameters and binding IP and MAC address of the TronFlux local Server PC. ( in case of the IP changing effects stability) .
  • Set up the Port Forwarding for this IP after IP and MAC binding.
  • Edit suitable Port no. Internal port and External port keep the same. Ex: 6200.
  • Copy TronFlux package from CD to local Disk.
  • Open TronFlux package and Run setup.exe under Driver;
  • Click “Install” and driver will be installed automatically. Wait it pop-up the success dialog.
  • TronFlux Server software pacakgegreen softwareClick to run; Can receive wireless wifi/gprs/zigbee/rs485/usb loggers data and save to data base of the computer.
  • Web client-side run the IP address of local PC (Need to make sure MySQL and PHP are installed well first)
  • LogLive setup software (green software, click to run): this software can setup all basic parameters, SMS alarm phone numbers, APN/Server Address/Server Port for Gprs/WiFi data loggers.

After software installation and basic settings finished, all need to do is start the LOG on R90 and run the Tronflux server. Then can see real-time monitoring values, check historical data or download all data.

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